At its meeting of 13 November 2017, Council considered the outcomes of a public exhibition undertaken for a Planning Proposal and a proposed amendment to Penrith Development Control Plan 2014 (DCP 2014) for the Penrith Panthers Precinct and resolved to adopt the Planning Proposal and proposed draft DCP.

Council’s resolution enabled its General Manager to carry out further changes to the draft DCP prior to its finalisation, particularly as a result of negotiations undertaken in relation to an associated amendment to the Road Works Planning Agreement for the Penrith Panthers Precinct, and any other changes identified in consideration of transport and traffic matters.

The negotiation, preparation and execution of an amendment to the Road Works Planning Agreement has been completed, and the draft DCP has been updated to reflect the outcomes of that process.

The Local Environmental Plan amendment sought by the Planning Proposal has been gazetted, enabling the draft DCP amendment to take effect on 23 December 2020.

All submissions made in response to the public exhibition were reported to the elected Council for its consideration at the 13 November 2017 Policy Review Committee Meeting. The material (report) that was presented to Council is available on Council’s online business paper system. Council’s resolution made on 13 November 2017 in relation to this matter is presented in the endorsed meeting minutes provided at, where Council resolved to endorse the Planning Proposal and Development Control Plan amendments.

Council is proposing to change the planning controls for the Penrith Panthers Site at Mulgoa Road and Retreat Drive, Penrith. The intention of the proposed changes is to enable the development of a mixed-use and residential precinct on the northern portion of the Penrith Panthers Site. The affected land is known as 65, 73, 83, 109, 123-135 Mulgoa Road and Lot 1 Retreat Drive, Penrith.

The process that Council must follow to consider the proposal is known as the Gateway Process, which requires the public exhibition of a Planning Proposal. A Planning Proposal is a document that explains and justifies the proposed changes to the planning controls.

The Planning Proposal seeks an amendment to Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 to adjust the maximum building height controls, place a cap on residential development yield, remove the ability to develop an Outlet Centre development, and make corrections to property descriptions relating to the site. A decision on the making of the plan will be made by the Minister for Planning or the Greater Sydney Commission as Council has not been given the authority to make the plan.

Council also proposes a draft amendment to the Penrith Development Control Plan 2014. A Development Control Plan provides detailed controls and design guidelines to support the planning controls. The proposed changes are to revise the planned development concept for the Penrith Panthers Site, place a cap on retail floor space which may be developed, and incorporate controls to achieve appropriate urban design outcomes.

View the Proposal

You can download all of the documentation relating to the proposal on this page.

The public exhibition of the Planning Proposal and draft amendment to the Penrith Development Control Plan 2014 has concluded.

What Happens Next

Council is currently negotiating an amendment to the Road Works Planning Agreement for the Penrith Panthers site to reflect the changes to the planned development which are sought under the Planning Proposal and Development Control Plan amendment. After such an amendment has been executed, the Planning Proposal will be forwarded to the Department of Planning and Environment for making of the LEP amendment. When the LEP amendment has been made, the Development Control Plan amendment will be brought into force.


If you have any further questions, please contact Council’s City Planning Team on (02) 4732 8196 or at link).