The public exhibition has finished and the deadline for written submissions has passed. All submissions received are currently being reviewed and will be reported to a future Council meeting.

A Planning Proposal is a request to amend a Local Environmental Plan (LEP). LEPs are legislative documents that guide future development through land use zones and development controls.

The Planning Proposal is for land at 61-79 Henry Street, Penrith, also known as the Henry Lawson Centre (the site). The Planning Proposal seeks to:

  • Permit residential accommodation as an additional permitted use on the site;
  • Ensure a minimum amount of floor space is retained for non-residential land uses to support Penrith’s commercial core; and
  • Include a provision that will limit these controls to a period of five years after the date the LEP amendment is made.

The proponent has also submitted a Letter of Offer to Council to enter into a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA). The Offer outlines the landowner’s intention to deliver affordable and accessible housing, public open space and road and infrastructure upgrades through a future VPA.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has not authorised Council to exercise delegation to make this plan.

How to have your say

The public exhibition has finished and the deadline for written submissions has passed.

Council recently publicly exhibited the Planning Proposal and Letter of Offer from Monday 17 October 2022 to Monday 14 November 2022

You can download all the documentation relating to the proposal from the Document Library to the right.

All submissions will be reported to the elected Council for consideration. If you make a submission, you will be notified of the dates of relevant Council meetings and how to address Council should you wish to do so.


For further enquiries please contact Peter Failes - Senior Planner on 4732 7628 or email