Planning for the future of St Marys Town Centre

St Marys is a strategic centre in Western Sydney. Its importance will be elevated with the arrival of the Western Sydney International (Nancy Bird Walton) Airport and its direct link to St Marys via a station on the Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport metro line.

With such significant transformation underway, Council acknowledged the need to guide planning and development in St Marys Town Centre to realise the needs and aspirations of current and future residents, businesses, and visitors. The result is St Marys 2041 – an exciting planning pathway to manage growth and change in St Marys over the next 20 years through a place-based, design-led process.

This pathway has three stages:

  • Stage 1: St Marys Town Centre Structure Plan (completed)
  • Stage 2: St Marys Town Centre Master Plan (underway)
  • Stage 3: Planning Implementation Plan

A St Marys Place Plan is also being developed, which is a community-led roadmap focusing on how we can transform the St Marys Town Centre through events, activities, and street and park improvements. It will be informed by the vision and outcomes outlined in the St Marys Town Centre Structure Plan and developed in close consultation with the community. The community consultation period will run from Thursday 18 May – Friday 9 June 2023. You can find out more here.

Planning Pathway Stage 1 - St Marys Town Centre Structure Plan

Council has completed stage 1 of the planning pathway, the St Marys Town Centre Structure Plan, which was endorsed by the elected Council at the 28 November 2022 Ordinary Meeting. This plan has set a place vision, 10 place outcomes and 26 strategic and spatial directions to guide the growth of St Marys as a vibrant, welcoming, sustainable and authentic strategic centre that meets the changing needs of our community.

Council sought community input into the process of developing the Structure Plan at two stages. Stage 1 engagement (early engagement) conducted between February and April 2022 sought input from the community and stakeholders on what they loved about St Marys and would like to see preserved, as well as their vision and ideas for improvement of the Town Centre. Stage 2 engagement (public consultation) conducted between August and September 2022 aimed to seek feedback from the community and stakeholders on the draft Structure Plan. The feedback period for the St Marys Town Centre Structure Plan has closed. The final St Marys Town Centre Structure Plan reflects the ideas, aspirations, needs and suggestions of our community, but more work is yet to come.

The Structure Plan titled "Shaping the Future of St Marys" can be found in the Document Library on this page, together with six supporting documents: Understanding St Marys – Background Evidence Report, St Marys Town Centre Structure Plan – Summary Document, St Marys Planning Pathway Factsheet, Community Engagement Stage 1 Report, Community Engagement Stage 2 Report and Duration Cottages Heritage Investigation Report.

Planning Pathway Stages 2 and 3

Council is now progressing the second stage of the planning pathway - the St Marys Town Centre Master Plan. Supported by additional technical studies, the Master Plan will refine the directions and framework plan of the Structure Plan, including more detailed investigations of infrastructure needs, costing, development stages, implementation mechanisms and a funding strategy. The Master Plan will inform Council’s capital works program and potential amendments to planning controls.

The Master Plan will be followed by Stage 3 of the planning pathway – Planning Implementation Plan – that may involve amendments to planning controls and the contributions plan. The St Marys Town Centre Structure Plan and Master Plan form part of Council’s Places of Penrith Strategic Framework.

Explore the details of the St Marys Town Centre Structure Plan by clicking on the tabs below.

Place Outcomes

All Place Outcomes

Four Hubs and Key Activity Spines

Walking and Cycle Paths

Private & Public Transport

Employment Growth

Residential Growth

Interconnected Network of Open Spaces

Spatial Framework Plan

Proposed Investigations for the Master Plan

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You were invited to provide feedback on the draft St Marys Town Centre Structure Plan to Council by 5pm on Monday 26 September 2022 by:

  • completing the quick poll on this page
  • telling us your thoughts on the spatial directions on this page
  • completing the online survey on this page (see below)
  • emailing, or
  • sending a letter to the City Strategy Department, Penrith City Council, PO Box 60, Penrith 2751

  • We also held drop-in sessions at the following times and locations:

    • St Marys Spring Festival, Saturday 3 September 2022, 10:00am -12:00pm
    • Village Café Kingswood, Thursday 8 September 2022, 9:30–11:30am
    • Village Café North St Marys, Thursday 15 September 2022, 9:30–11:30am
    • Community Drop-in Session, St Marys Library, Monday 19 September 2022, 5:00–7:00pm

    Survey: Structure Plan Outcomes & Directions

    Thanks for sharing your feedback on the proposed place outcomes and directions of the St Marys Town Structure Plan between August and September 2022.

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