Renewing the Heart of Kingswood will see the delivery of streetscape improvements to the eastern side of Bringelly Road, Kingswood. The project focuses on enhancing the village feeling at the core of Kingswood through high-quality interventions that improve connection, economic growth and vibrancy. Through greening, street furniture, wayfinding and creative interventions, new life will be injected into a neglected streetscape to improve connection and build the vibrancy of an active centre experiencing rapid change.

Strategic Context

The project application was guided by the THINK BOLD KINGSWOOD Place Plan that was endorsed by Council in November 2020. The purpose of this ten-year Place Plan is to bring everyone together in continuously shaping the future of Kingswood. Think Bold Kingswood sets a clear vision and bold direction for working together to create safe and welcoming places and a neighbourhood that supports the wellbeing of a diverse community and a thriving local business sector. At the time of endorsing the THINK BOLD KINGSWOOD Place Plan it was noted that funding would be sought for the delivery of the program where possible.

The Kingswood Place Plan sought ideas from the community on how Kingswood can be improved. More than 130 residents and businesses provided feedback, with supporting the core through improvements to streets, and strong support for improving colour and character in its public spaces being commented on by around 84% of participants. Further information on the Place Plan is available at:

Project details

This project is funded by the NSW Government and will see the delivery of the following down the eastern side of Bringelly Rd from the Great Western Highway to the trading area opposite Wainwright Park:

  • Footpath widening
  • New seating and bins 
  • New planting including canopy trees 
  • Public art 
  • Improvements at the station forecourt area 
  • Completion of the Pedestrian Lighting Network along Bringelly Rd