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Building upon the Live, Work, Play Grid project Council is delivering a Streets as Shared Spaces program as part of the NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment program. Council is delivering improvements to Wainwright Park and Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre to adapt streets to support healthier, safer and more resilient communities.

What is Streets as Shared Spaces?

The project is about testing temporary installations to support the community needs and build the case for more permanent changes to provide a safe and welcoming public domain.

The project continues the Live, Work, Play Grid work adding vibrancy and amenity to the public spaces in Kingswood. Work has been informed through community engagement and project delivery over the past eighteen months. Streets as Shared Spaces builds on local character and attractiveness

Council will be measuring the impact of the new elements to see how effective they are.

What will be involved?

The project will involve the installation of and minor works commencing in May and June 2022. The works involve high-quality temporary placemaking interventions that improve connection and support creativity.

Works include:

  • New seating and cool spaces for refuge
  • A community kitchen
  • Public art and placemaking elements
  • Parklet out the front of the neighbourhood centre on Bringelly Road
  • New planting and greening of the space
  • Small scale community activations

THINK BOLD Kingswood Place Plan

The project aligns with priorities identified in the THINK BOLD KINGSWOOD Place Plan that was endorsed by Council in November 2020. The purpose of this ten-year Place Plan is to bring everyone together in continuously shaping the future of Kingswood together.

With a unique blend of community spirit, village feel, and economic opportunity, Kingswood is a safe and welcoming place for people of all backgrounds and cultures to live, work, study, or visit.” THINK BOLD Kingswood Place Plan 2020.

Get involved!

Council invites the community to get involved in the activities that will run throughout June to September. A 'Meet me in the Park’ program of activations and workshops will take place on the last Saturday of each month from July to September at the Kingswood Neighbourhood Centre and Wainwright Park. The program’s launch event will take place on Saturday 18 June, and will include live music, entertainment, food and fun pop-up art activities for all ages.

Find out more about the free events at

This project is supported by the Department of Planning, and Environments Streets as Shared Spaces program.