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Think Bold Kingswood Place Plan

Council has developed a 10 year Place Plan for Kingswood to coordinate current and future projects based on the needs and aspirations of the local community.

What is a Place Plan?

A Place Plan is a strategic document that is driven by the community through a bottom-up approach that influences decision making. It is about collaboration between stakeholders and the community.

Why a Place Plan?

Kingswood is undergoing rapid change with major infrastructure projects on the horizon and an increasingly growing population. Looking to the future, it will be important to develop a collective vision to guide planning decisions and actions.

Community Vision

The insights from the community engagement provided the foundation for the place plan and supports us to set a clear vision for the future:

"With a unique blend of community spirit, village feel, and economic opportunity, Kingswood is a safe and welcoming place for people of all backgrounds and cultures to live, work, study or visit."

Think Bold Kingswood Place Plan

Think Bold Kinsgwood Place Plan Implementation Plan