Council is proposing to change the classification of certain land (3 sites) in the Union Road and Welch Place Car Parks (in Penrith City Centre) from Community to Operational. The reclassification will allow Council to consider opportunities to:

  • Build a decked car park on the Union Road Car Park to provide 1,000 extra spaces, and
  • Restore access to the upper levels of the Welch Place Car Park and adjacent 'Trade Secret' building.

Council's Penrith Progression - A Plan for Action identifies the Union Road Car Park as an important site that can contribute to the growth and development of Penrith City Centre. The construction of a decked car park on this site will enable the development of other sites within the City Centre currently used for car parking. Council is also exploring some limited development on this site to help fund the construction of the decked car park.

The access ramps to the upper level of the Welch Place Car Park and the car park above 521 High Street (Trade Secret) are closed because of safety concerns. The upper level of Welch Place provides about 35 spaces and 521 High Street provides about 110 spaces. Council has approved a plan to construct new ramps within the Welch Place Car Park. Although this will reduce the total number of spaces available on both floors of Welch Place (from about 70 to 35), it will restore access to about 130 spaces on the upper level of Welch Place and 521 High Street.