Penrith City Council is revitalising Capella Reserve in Erskine Park to meet community needs for quality open and green space.

The proposed design will enhance the reserve and encourage residents to get outside, connect, and enjoy passive recreation such as walking. Key features include:

  • spaces to socialise and enjoy the natural beauty of the reserve
  • seating
  • an accessible picnic table with shelter
  • pathways
  • a water bubbler
  • bin, and
  • tree, shrub, and native grass planting to improve biodiversity, provide natural shade and help mitigate urban heat.

This is one of several open space projects funded by Council through the Erskine Park Urban Reinvestment project, which is part of Council’s Open Space Reinvestment Project (OSRP). You can find out more about the OSRP below.

Public Open Space Transformation

Council identified open space sites in Erskine Park that were underutilised or in need of an upgrade to meet resident’s expectations, as part of its Open Space Reinvestment Project. As a result, six sites have been rezoned for residential development with the proceeds from the sale of this land going directly into improving targeted open space and public domain areas within Erskine Park. Council has already forward funded $2.65 million of open space and public domain improvements from the anticipated sale of these sites.