Consultation has concluded

Council and the community’s vision for a high-quality recreational destination at the Nepean River is one step closer with the delivery of the final design for $24 million Regatta Park upgrade.

The final design captures the ideas of the community and brings to life a shared vision for Regatta Park as a vibrant space that celebrates, activates, and enhances the Nepean River.

The community’s request to improve access from Regatta Park to the Nepean River has been met with a key feature of the design a new accessible pathway that leads down to the river foreshore.

The pathway connects to new bench seats and several over-water viewing platforms to allow residents and visitors to experience the on-water action, explore the foreshore and enjoy the natural beauty of the Nepean River.

The design also activates the space for a variety of uses with key features including:

  • large open areas,
  • shade structures,
  • a riverside play space with waterplay activities
  • outdoor gym equipment
  • kiosk with outdoor dining
  • a fully fenced inclusive adventure play space,
  • junior cricket oval,
  • plenty of seating
  • functional car park, and
  • BBQ and picnic areas throughout.

An additional 400 trees are set to be planted throughout the precinct to increase Penrith’s green grid, provide natural shade as well as create a shaded link from Penrith’s City Centre to the Nepean River.

Importantly, the design allows for further enhancement including the adaptive reuse of the Old Police Cottage. Council is working to restore this heritage building and bring it to life with a café and restaurant that offers magnificent views of the Nepean River.

The Regatta Park transformation is being jointly funded with $9 million contributed by Penrith City Council and $15 million from the Australian and NSW governments through the Western Sydney City Deal’s Western Parkland City Liveability Program.

Find out more at:

Regatta Park Playspace Survey

Regatta Park Playspace survey

Consultation has concluded

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Feedback on Your Comments

Will there be any cafes/bars?

The feasibility of a kiosk/café is currently being explored. It is likely that as part of future works (beyond this project) this will be provided. 

Shade is a must. Will there be quality and enough shade provided?

Shade structures will be provided throughout the site. New trees are proposed to provide additional shade. Council is also exploring options to incorporate various park elements including nature play in locations with existing trees.

What kind of water play will be in the park?

We are seeking input from the community at present that will guide the design. Consideration of a sustainable design and water use will be considered. A variety of water play elements will be proposed. 

Will the play areas be gated?

They will not be gated. However, a clear boundary and buffer will be formed by vegetation in combination with a swale. It will be ‘naturally’ enclosed.

Where is River Road going?

To improve amenity and access to the park several road and traffic changes need to occur including: River Road, Emu Plains to be realigned with Lamrock Street, Emu Plains. This will include relocating the intersection from the corner of the Great Western Highway and River Road, Emu Plains 130 metres to the west of where it is currently located to be opposite Lamrock Street. • There will be a partial closure of York Street, Emu Plains. 

What is happening with the Old Police Cottage?

Council are in the process of investigating the opportunities the Cottage may provide as an iconic amenity for the community to enjoy. The Cottage is owned by Crown Lands who have provided Council with a licence to complete these investigations.

Where do we tell you more about what we want in this precinct area outside of the playground?

Please refer to the map provided on the Have Your Say portal that showcases all other feature items within the park. If you have any other feedback or recommendations, please forward them to

Will there be enough parking?

92 regular parking spaces are proposed. Additional 40 ‘overflow’ parking spaces will be provided. This is a significant increase compared with the existing 35 available parking spaces. 

Will there be an amphitheatre?

A ‘natural’ bowl is proposed to function as amphitheatre. The stairs down to the river can also function as an amphitheatre, with the river view in the background.

Will there be any Kayak launch pads?

There are several proposed decks on the river, and we will consider the possibility of building them to the specifications required to function as kayak launch pads also.

Will there be any Kayak lockers?

Kayak Lockers have not been factored into the design at this stage. We will review this request and determine the suitability of it in this location or if an alternative location around the River may be better suited.