Amendment 34 to the Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 was published Friday 23 July 2021. This amendment reclassified seven sites owned by Hawkesbury City Council (HCC) at The Driftway and Reynolds Road in Londonderry from 'Community' to 'Operational' land.

The Planning Proposal seeks to: Reclassify 7 parcels of Hawkesbury Council owned land from ‘Community’ to ‘Operational’ land and introduce a control to restrict development on these sites for new, renovated or intensified residential accommodation, whilst there is a waste or resource management facility located adjacent to these sites to ensure a buffer is maintained between residential dwellings and HCC’s Waste Management Facility located north of the subject sites in Hawkesbury Local Government Area.

The land subject to this Planning Proposal includes:

  • Site 1 2-6 Reynolds Road, Londonderry NSW 2753 (Lot 1 DP 25981)
  • Site 2 2-8 The Driftway, Londonderry NSW 2753 (Lot 24 Sec D DP 25020)
  • Site 3 18-24 The Driftway, Londonderry NSW 2753 (Lot 22 Sec D DP 25020)
  • Site 4 26-32 The Driftway, Londonderry NSW 2753 (Lot 21 Sec D DP 25020)
  • Site 5 34-40 The Driftway, Londonderry NSW 2753 (Lot 20 Sec D DP 25020)
  • Site 6 42-48 The Driftway, Londonderry NSW 2753 (Lot 19 Sec D DP 25020)
  • Site 7 50-56 The Driftway, Londonderry NSW 2753 (Lot 18 Sec D DP 25020)

Reclassification of the sites will enable Hawkesbury City Council to lease the land for uses permissible under Penrith LEP 2010 whilst maintaining a buffer to the existing waste facility. The sites were acquired by HCC for this purpose. No trusts or interests in the land are proposed to be discharged by the Planning Proposal. Future uses may include leasing, development or disposal of the sites.

A Planning Proposal is a request to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment to amend a LEP. LEPs are legal documents that guide future development through land use zones and development controls.The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has not issued an authorisation for Council to exercise delegation to make this plan.

Public Exhibition

Council invited the public to review and comment on proposed changes to Penrith LEP 2010 when the Planning Proposal and supporting information was publicly exhibited from Thursday 3 September 2020 to Thursday 1 October 2020.

The public exhibition has finished and the deadline for written submissions has passed.

Public Hearing

The process that Council must follow to reclassify the land requires an independently chaired public hearing.

The public hearing took place on Wednesday 10 March 2021 in the Nepean Room at Penrith Civic Centre.

The chair of the hearing has provided Council with a report on the hearing and submissions received, which is available in the document library to the right.

Submissions received during the public exhibition and public hearing were reported to Council for its consideration on 26 April 2021.


For further enquiries please contact Council’s Planner, Madison McGlynn on 4732 8577.