On Friday 7 April an Independent Public Hearing into the Erskine Park Planning Proposal was conducted in accordance with the requirements of the NSW Local Government Act and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. The legislation requires Public Hearings to be held when a Planning Proposal seeks to reclassify public land. In the case of the Erskine Park Planning Proposal, it is proposed to reclassify seven sites from “community” to “operational” and to rezone the land from”RE1 Public Recreation” to “R2 Low Density Residential”. The Public Hearing enabled the community to present their views on the Planning Proposal to an independent person. The Hearing was independently chaired and conducted by Mr Peter Walsh, who is not an officer of Council. A report arising from the Public Hearing has now been prepared by the chairperson and will be presented to Council for its consideration before it determines its position on the Planning Proposal.

View the Independent Public Hearing Report.

The Independent Report on the Public Hearing regarding the Erskine Park Planning Proposal has now been completed and is available to be viewed by the public. Please note that as this is an independent report, it is displayed by Council for public information in accordance with legislative requirements and is not displayed for public submission. Click here to view the Independent Public Hearing Report.

A physical copy of the Public Hearing Report is also available to view at: Council’s Civic Centre (601 High Street, Penrith); St Marys Office (207 - 209 Queen Street, St Marys) and St Clair Library (St Clair Shopping Centre, Bennett Road).

Background information relating to the Independent Public Hearing Report

The Erskine Park Planning Proposal was previously exhibited and public submissions were invited from 10 February until 10 March 2017. The period for submissions on the Planning Proposal has now concluded and no further public submissions will be received, however as background information on the Public Hearing Report, you can still view the Erskine Park Planning Proposal.

What happens next?

Council officers will now review:

  • all public submissions made in relation to the exhibited Planning Proposal
  • the Independent Public Hearing Report; and
  • State Agency responses

and present a report on the Planning Proposal to Council for its consideration. The review and report preparation process is expected to take approximately 8 weeks. Council will then consider this report before determining its position on the matter at a public Council meeting, open to the public.

If you require further information regarding this matter please contact Council’s City Planning Team on 4732 8073 or 4732 8196.

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