Update: Results of the public exhibition were reported at the 28 August 2023 Ordinary Meeting. The Glenmore Park Stage 3 chapter of the Development Control Plan 2014 has been amended in response to various matters raised during the exhibition. The report and the amended chapter of the DCP can be viewed on Council's website at https://www.penrithcity.nsw.gov.au/council/council-business/business-papers.

Public Exhibition of Draft Amendment to the endorsed Glenmore Park Stage 3 chapter of the Penrith Development Control Plan 2014.

Council invites you to view and provide feedback on a proposed draft amendment to the Glenmore Park Stage 3 chapter of the Penrith Development Control Plan 2014 (DCP).

Glenmore Park Stage 3 relates to a 206-hectare area of land allocated for urban development.

At its Ordinary Meeting of 12 December 2022, Council resolved to:

  • rezone the site to facilitate urban development, and
  • endorse a draft Development Control Plan (DCP) for the site.

The endorsed DCP has been further updated to, include revised road profiles, minor amendment to the access and movement controls, align with revised technical studies, and minor housekeeping amendments to update figures and numbering.

At the Ordinary Meeting of 1 May 2023, Council resolved to exhibit the amended Glenmore Park Stage 3 chapter of the Penrith Development Control Plan 2014.

The fact sheet provides further information about the draft amendment to the DCP. Information regarding the Planning Proposal for the rezoning of the land can be found here: https://yoursaypenrith.com.au/planning-proposal-glenmore-park-stage-3.

Public Exhibition

The draft amendment is on public exhibition from Friday 19 May 2023 to Friday 16 June 2023 and can be viewed online at yoursaypenrith.com.au.

You are invited to provide feedback by making a written submission to Council by 5pm on Friday 16 June 2023 by:

  • Email: city.planning@penrith.city
  • Post: The General Manager (Attention City Planning), Penrith City Council, PO Box 60, Penrith NSW 2751

Please include a subject line indicating ‘Draft amendment – Glenmore Park Stage 3 DCP’ in emails and letters.

The results of the public exhibition will be reported to the elected Council for consideration. If you make a submission, you will be notified of the dates of relevant Council meetings.


For further enquiries please contact Clare Tregenza on 4732 7548 or email city.planning@penrith.city