Council is upgrading the playspace in Ridge Park, Oxley Park!

We conducted community consultation from Tuesday 23 April until Sunday 12 May 2024, to find out what residents, families and children would like to see in their new playspace.

Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback and ideas. This information will be valuable in helping us to create the design for this playspace.

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What could be included in this upgrade?

After conducting a site assessment and getting feedback from local residents about what they'd like to see in their new playspace, Council will develop the design in line with state government guidelines and our Playspace Design Guidelines. You can find these in the Sport and Recreation Strategy under the 'Related Documents' section of this page.

Our guidelines outline the types of infrastructure which need to be included in an upgrade depending on whether the playspace is a local, district, or Citywide facility.

Ridge Park is a local playspace and the upgrade will include:

  • new play equipment
  • seating
  • pathways
  • surface upgrades
  • natural and/or artificial shade
  • landscaping
  • water bubblers

While Council does its best to create playspaces that are modern, inclusive, and will be enjoyed for years to come, some types of infrastructure such as toilets and water play are not possible in all of our local playspace upgrades.