Consultation has concluded

Council has developed a draft Resilient Penrith Action Plan that is aligned with the Resilient Sydney Strategy 2018 to demonstrate our commitment to building a more resilient City and community.

It aims to enhance the capability of Council and the community to better prepare for, respond and adapt to, and cope in the face of major shocks such as disasters and extreme weather events and ongoing stresses that impact on our way of life.

The Resilient Penrith Action Plan is needed to ensure we are addressing present and future shocks and stresses and taking proactive action; including identifying our vulnerable communities, increasing knowledge and preparedness for natural disasters and extreme weather events, enhancing access to community spaces and services, building community connections, advocating for sustainable urban planning, and implementing greening and cooling our city initiatives to enhance the resilience of Penrith now and over the longer-term.

Communities with a higher level of resilience have a greater capacity to withstand shocks and stresses and can recover more quickly.

Council and the community must be prepared to face challenges together, to adapt together and to respond and recover together to form a stronger and more resilient community.

Get Involved

The localised draft Resilient Penrith Action Plan has been developed based on consultation and engagement with stakeholders and the community.

Now the draft Resilient Penrith Action Plan has been developed, we want to ensure that it reflects what we heard from our community, community organisations and services and other stakeholders. Now is your opportunity to review the draft Action Plan and provide your thoughts.

For more information about Resilience, visit our Resilience page.

To give your feedback, please email by 5pm Monday 12 April 2021.