The Proposal

Council is proposing to change the planning controls applying to a 151.9 hectare area of land known as Orchard Hills North, or the rezoning area (Area A).

The proposed changes are described in the Orchard Hills North Planning Proposal, draft Development Control Plan (draft DCP), draft Section 7.11 Development Contributions Plan (draft 7.11 Plan) and draft Voluntary Planning Agreement Letter of Offer (draft VPA Offer). The proponent for this project is Legacy Property.

The Site

The site is located at Caddens Road, Kingswood Road, Frogmore Road and Castle Road in Orchard Hills and consists of 54 individual land parcels. A map of the site is found on page 3 of the fact sheet provided in the Document Library.

The intent of the proposed changes is to facilitate the development of the site for approximately 1,729 residential lots, a mix of housing types, a village centre, local open space, playing fields, bushland and riparian corridors.

Planning Proposal

A Planning Proposal is a document that explains and justifies changes being proposed to Council’s statutory planning controls that are located within Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 (the LEP). The NSW Department of Planning and Environment's process requires any Planning Proposal to be placed on public exhibition for community comment, prior to making a decision on whether to adopt the proposed amendments.

Proposed LEP Amendments

The Planning Proposal (PP-2020-1693) seeks to rezone the site from RU4 Primary Production Small Lots to part R1 General Residential, B2 Local Centre, RE1 Public Recreation, C2 Environmental Conservation and C3 Environmental Management, as well as include delineation of a Transport Investigation Area. The Planning Proposal also proposes controls relating to minimum lot size, height of buildings, scenic and landscape values, maximum lot yield, additional permitted uses, urban release area nomination, provide for flexible boundaries between certain zones, local provisions, and land reservation acquisitions.

Draft DCP

A draft DCP has been prepared for the site, providing detailed planning and development controls and guidelines for specific types of development.

Draft 7.11 Plan

A draft 7.11 Plan has been prepared for the site to deliver the infrastructure required to support future development within the rezoning area.

Draft VPA Offer

The proponent has submitted to Council a draft VPA Offer that addresses how the proponent seeks to deliver on its obligations under the draft 7.11 Plan and provide additional public benefits.

Council’s Decision to Exhibit

At its Ordinary Meeting of 27 June 2022, Council resolved to place the above-mentioned documents on public exhibition. The Council report to this meeting identifies several financial risks associated with the project which are to be addressed and resolved prior to the project being reported to and considered by Council post-exhibition.

In response to these identified financial risks, the proponent recently submitted proposed mitigation measures and new information to Council which will be considered by Council officers. This new information forms part of the exhibition material and proposes changes to the arrangement and delivery of stormwater and transport infrastructure as currently proposed in the exhibited documents.

Should the proposed mitigation measures be accepted, this may result in changes being required to be made to the Planning Proposal, draft DCP, draft 7.11 Plan, and draft VPA Offer following the exhibition.

Prior to the proposal being considered by Council post-exhibition for decision, several outstanding matters will need to be resolved, including:

  • mitigating the financial risks identified in the Council report
  • responding to issues raised in submissions
  • completing outstanding analysis identified in the Council report
  • updating all documentation

Have Your Say

We're now seeking your feedback on the proposed changes. The Planning Proposal and supporting information is on public exhibition from Monday 25 July to Monday 22 August 2022.

The Planning Proposal, draft DCP, draft 7.11 Plan, and draft VPA Offer, along with a fact sheet and supporting information can be viewed in the Document Library to the right of this page.

Making a Submission

If you wish to make a submission on the Planning Proposal, you must do so in writing by Monday 22 August 2022.

You can submit your written submission via:

  • email to:

  • post to:

The General Manager

Penrith City Council

PO Box 60

Penrith NSW 2751

  • staff at the Penrith Civic Centre.

Please include a subject line indicating ‘Orchard Hills North’ in your submission. We will acknowledge all the submissions we receive.

All submissions will be reported to the elected Council for consideration. If you make a submission, we will notify you of the dates of relevant Council meetings and how to address Council should you wish to.


Council Officers will be available to answer questions throughout the public exhibition period.

For further enquiries please contact Joel Carson – Senior Planner on 4732 8098 or Nicole Dukinfield – Principal Planner on 4732 8511.