Penrith Night Time Economy Survey

Penrith City Council is committed to creating a safe, welcoming and vibrant place for all residents. This is particularly important at night.

Over the past 5 years, the night time activity happening in Penrith City Centre has been guided and managed by the Night Time Economy Strategy. It is now time to refresh the Strategy, review what has worked and where our priorities might have shifted with new residential and businesses developments opening up, and the effects of COVID-19 impacting the way we live, work and play in the City Centre – and we want to hear from you.

What is a night time economy?

The night time economy refers to the mix of cultural, social and business activities and experiences that occur after 6pm.

Captivating entertainment, delicious food and drink, thriving businesses and a vibrant arts scene are some examples for a thriving night time economy – and ideas for possible future nightlife activities across the Penrith City Centre.

Have your say – This survey is CLOSED

The Night Time Economy survey has now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their views to help ensure the City Centre is welcoming and lively both during the day and at night.