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As a result of recent changes to the NSW planning legislation and the introduction of Region and District-level strategic plans, all Councils in NSW are required to prepare a Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS). Councils in Greater Sydney are required to prepare a LSPS by 31 March 2020.

The Penrith Local Government Area (LGA) continues to evolve and Council sought input from the community to help shape future plans for the City. The LSPS provides a bridging point to ensure that regional and district priorities are placed within a clear local context and tailored to the unique economic, social and environmental characteristics of Penrith LGA by developing a 20-year vision. The vision identifies future direction for planning to meet the community changing needs over the next 20 years encompassing strategic land use, transport and environmental planning.

Penrith's Local Strategic Planning Statement can be viewed here.

The 21 Planning Priorities

In the process of developing the LSPS, Council consulted the community to determine the priorities for the area. The LSPS was also informed by Council’s Community Plan and other relevant strategies.

The Penrith LSPS draws together planning priorities identified at state, regional, district and local levels and look at how to manage the challenges the local area will face over the next 20 years. It takes into consideration how the existing controls in Council’s LEP, which zones land across Penrith, may need to change to meet the community’s needs. The LEP will be supported by development control plans, contributions plans, place-based planning strategies and growth management strategies. Essentially, the LSPS will shape how the LEP and DCP evolve over time.

The corresponding actions respond to and build on the Penrith LGA and community’s strengths and potential, and will help us deliver on the Planning Priorities and vision set out in the LSPS.

Community Consultation

Council invited the public to review and comment on the draft Penrith LSPS and was publicly exhibited for a period of six (6) weeks between 30 September to 11 November 2019.

An extensive engagement program was utilised to ensure access for all residents.

The following notification procedures to advise the exhibition of the LSPS were undertaken:

  • Weekly advertisement placed in the Western Weekender during the exhibition, including the Mayoral column.
  • Promotion of the exhibition on Council’s webpage;
  • Regular promotion of the exhibition on Council’s Facebook page;
  • Whole page advertisement in Council’s Community Newsletter was provided to Australia Post to distribute in rural areas.
  • An email to approximately 2,000 registered users of Council’s Your Say page
  • Promotion in Council’s New West Newsletter distributed electronically; and
  • Permanent exhibition displays at Council’s Civic Centre, Penrith Library and St Marys Library.

Drop-in sessions were held in local community centres across Penrith City to engage with residents who may not usually engage with Council. Five sessions were held across all three wards. These sessions involved a self-paced tour of a series of information displays addressing key themes and elements of the LSPS, with Council staff available to guide and answer any questions.

A drop-in session specifically targeting key local stakeholders including industry and local business, resident action groups and environmental groups, was also held during the exhibition. This session was attended by 18 participants representing 10 different local stakeholder groups.

A total of over 150 members of the community engaged with Council staff during these face to-face events.

Approximately 200 written submissions were received in response to the exhibition of the LSPS in addition to proforma submissions with templates with an individual or group of signatures

The public exhibition has finished and the deadline for written submissions has passed.

Adoption of the LSPS

At the Ordinary Meeting of 23 March 2020, Council resolved to adopt the Penrith LSPS. This was following the issue of a Letter of Support from the Greater Sydney Commission, who advised that the LSPS can be made and is consistent with the Greater Sydney Region Plan and Western City District Plan.

You can view the Council report here:

Implementation and revision

  • There is a legislative requirement to review the LSPS every seven years, however it is anticipated that Council will make more frequent revisions to ensure the LSPS continues to reflect the views of the Penrith community and remain responsive to local needs. The LSPS will be an evolutionary document, which will be reviewed and refined as actions are achieved and strategic planning work is undertaken. Penrith’s Community will have the chance to be involved in the development of future iterations of the document.
  • Future revisions to the LSPS may also be required in response to new infrastructure, significant changes in projected population growth or changes to the Regional or District Plans.


For further enquiries please contact the City Planning Department on 4732 8196.

Penrith Local Strategic Planning Statement Feedback activities

Consultation has now concluded