Council is inviting feedback on its draft design to build a new 2.5m wide tinted concrete pathway along the western side of Nepean Avenue between Tench Reserve and Memorial Avenue.

This project will deliver a critical missing link on the Great River Walk by completing the Bridge-to-Bridge loop. The creation of new walking and bike riding infrastructure will eliminate the need for pedestrians to walk on the road along Nepean Avenue and addresses important road safety issues.

You can see an overview of the draft plan for the new path here.

The draft masterplan design for Nepean Avenue Shared Path can also be viewed here.

You can also see a 3D fly through based on the draft design showing an artist’s impression of what the finished path will look like here

About this project

Nepean Avenue shared user path will be at the road level and has been designed to start from the existing kerb and gutter on Nepean Avenue to minimise impacts on local residents.

It will have kerb separation between the road and the path and will deliver an even and consistently accessible surface for all users, particularly vulnerable pedestrians.

Council investigated many options to ensure this path could meet the needs of both Nepean Avenue residents and the broader community.

Benefits of the draft design include:

  • Addressing vital community safety issues.
  • Retaining and enhancing the local river corridor character of the area.
  • Having the least impact on Nepean Avenue residents along the western side.
  • Minimising disruptions for residents and the community by taking the shortest construction time.
  • Protecting the roots of the established trees.
  • Increasing the number of trees on Nepean Avenue which contributes to Council’s Cooling the City initiative and the NSW Government’s priority Greening our City by planting trees that improves liveability for people and communities.
  • Representing good value money in both its construction and ongoing maintenance costs.

This project is proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Penrith City Council. Council secured a $1.25M grant under the NSW Government’s Metropolitan Greenspace Program and will be matching funding.

For more information about this project, please see our Frequently Asked Questions here

How can I provide feedback?

Community consultation on this project will take place between Monday 14 February and Monday 21 March 2022.

If you would like to provide feedback on to Council about the draft design for Nepean Avenue Shared Path, please email the project team at:

Residents of Nepean Avenue have been written to directly by Council offering them the opportunity to meet with us to discuss the project one on one if they would like to. Council can meet residents in person at Nepean Avenue in a COVID safe way or online if residents prefer.

Other background

Pedestrian activity is significant and growing along the Great River Walk and has increased since the opening of the Yandhai Nepean Crossing in 2018, and due to social distancing mandates necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Council survey in 2020 recorded 500 pedestrian movements per hour during peak times on Nepean Avenue, a weekly average of 32,500 pedestrians and annual use by over 1.5 million people.

These numbers are projected to increase based on current and future investments in the River Precinct, which is one of Penrith’s most popular recreation areas and tourist attractions.

In the absence of any formal pedestrian infrastructure on Nepean Avenue and because room on the western side road verge is limited, pedestrians typically walk directly on the road.

This represents a clear safety risk, particularly for vulnerable road users, including older people, families with young children and prams, as well as people with limited mobility. A new path is important for community safety so that people using the Great River Walk do not need to walk on the road to travel along Nepean Avenue.

The new path will be for all pedestrians, including joggers and children or adults riding bikes for leisure (at slow speeds), as well as people walking pets. More confident bike riders should use the roadway in keeping with the NSW Road Rules.

Temporary safety measures were implemented by Council on Nepean Avenue in 2020 with a view to still pursuing a longer-term pathway solution for better community safety.

Reducing the speed limit to 40km/h, making changes to parking zones, introducing new signage and road markings were all important measures, but a dedicated path is still needed to make Nepean Avenue and the Great River Walk safer for vulnerable road users.

What are the next steps?

The community consultation period on the draft design will be for one month between Monday 14 February and Monday 21 March.

We encourage both Nepean Avenue residents and the broader community to get involved and give us their feedback on the draft design during the consultation period.

Council will review all feedback provided about the draft path design during the consultation period and if needed, will fine tune accordingly.

Once this process is complete, we will commence a procurement process to engage a civil works contractor for construction.

The project will take approximately nine months to complete from start to finish. Construction will occur in stages to minimise disruptions for residents and the community.

Council and the construction contractor will keep the local community updated throughout the project.