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Project overview

Penrith City Council is proposing to build two new kayak launch decks to make it safer and easier for people of all ages to launch kayaks and other passive watercraft such as canoes and stand up paddleboards on the Nepean River.

The new launch decks are planned to be built on River Road, Leonay and at Factory Road Reserve, Regentville to create opportunities for people to access the water on both sides of the Nepean River.

Improving access to the Nepean River for fishing and kayaking was identified as a priority for our community in the Our River Masterplan (2013) and the delivery of these launch decks will be another step towards realising this vision.

Factory Road Reserve, Regentville

A digital image of a the new kayak launch deck at Factory Road includes a girl on her mobile phone walking on the pathway.

Concept designs for the project at Factory Road Reserve include a new launch deck, access paths connecting the car park down to the water’s edge, a viewing deck, bench seating and landscaping. 

​River Road, Leonay

A digital image of the new kayak launch deck at River Road in Leonay.

At River Road, the project includes the construction of a new launch deck and access path to the water’s edge, with informal sandstone seating and planting of new trees along the embankment.