The Iron Bark Way playspace in Colyton will receive an upgrade in 2022, funded by Penrith City Council. Construction will commence in May 2022.  

The new and improved playspace has been designed with help from the local community to ensure it meets the needs of residents and children and can be enjoyed by them for years to come.  

Community interest and feedback way was fantastic, with ‘Tarzan’s Trail’ being the preferred theme. Feedback showed climbing elements, imaginative features and swings were important parts of the playspace. These elements have been included in the design with a winding path acting as a 'raging river' which winds its way through the play elements. Sandstone jungle animals watch as you hop from boulder to boulder, swing on the swings and climb the equipment. Other amenities have been provided in the design such as a shade sail and picnic table for the comfort of all users.

Penrith City Council has 156 playspaces across the Local Government Area. Council has a commitment to improve our playspaces and is carrying out an asset renewal program to improve 40 local playspaces over five years.

Final Design Concept

Iron Bark Way final design concept