The public exhibition has finished and the deadline for submissions has passed. The results of the public exhibition will be reported to the elected Council for its consideration at the Ordinary Meeting of 28 May 2018.

Penrith Development Control Plan (DCP 2014) provides detailed planning and design guidelines to support the planning controls set by the City-wide Local Environmental Plan (Penrith LEP 2010).

Council is proposing the following changes to DCP 2014:

  • Oakdale South Industrial Estate: The draft changes will update controls relating to Erskine Business Park, to align DCP 2014 with the consent conditions of the State Significant Development Application for the estate.

  • Proposed Road Patterns: The draft changes will revise controls for road construction, land dedication and related controls for new developments (dual frontage, fencing, and landscaped areas) at locations in Emu Plains, Kingswood and St Marys, in the vicinity of:

    • Kohlenberg Close, Emu Plains,

    • Acorn Street, Emu Plains,

    • Troy Street and Towle Close, Emu Plains,

    • Stock Avenue, Kingswood,

    • Boronia Road, St Marys

  • The Stormwater Drainage Specification for Building Developments policy. The draft will update references and information in DCP 2014 to be consistent with this policy.

The draft amendment to DCP 2014 and supporting information was publicly exhibited from Monday 19 March 2018 to Tuesday 17 April 2018.

For further enquiries please contact Danielle Fox – Planner on 4732 8196 or at: