The public exhibition for the Deed of Variation to the Voluntary Planning Agreement for Sydney Science Park has finished and the deadline for written submission has passed. All submissions received are currently being reviewed and will be reported to a future Council meeting.

Penrith City Council is publicly notifying a
deed of variation
to a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) between Council, and Celestino Development SSP Pty Ltd. The amended VPA has been prepared in support of a Planning Proposal relating to 565-609 Luddenham Road, Luddenham. 


The original Sydney Science Park VPA was executed on 9 September 2016 and (which can be accessed at: Executed VPA for Sydney Science Park) provided a number of public benefits, including monetary contributions, and the delivery of a range of publicly accessible areas, such as;

  • Bike paths and pathways;
  • Active open space (sports fields, tennis courts, outdoor gym equipment, etc);
  • Passive open space (grass areas, play areas, tables and seating, etc);
  • District open space (children play facilities, performance space, community gardens, etc);
  • Community facilities; and
  • Riparian plantings and miscellaneous facilities.

Additionally, the executed VPA enabled the developer to retain long term management of publicly accessible areas instead of dedicating these areas to Council, subject to a management plan being agreed to by both parties. This agreement was to enable the delivery of innovative uses and integrate technology into publicly accessible areas for the betterment of the community and to realise a Science Park of international standing.

Deed of Variation to Voluntary Planning Agreement:

The monetary contributions and infrastructure detailed above are not subject to change within the deed of variation.

The deed of variation seeks to replace the management plan process in clause 9.3 of the executed VPA with new legal mechanisms and associated lease agreement to better ensure management standards align with Council priorities and public access is maintained to these publicly accessible areas. The deed of variation sets up legal mechanisms for Celestino to seek approval from Council to retain possession and management of certain publicly accessible areas and roads within Sydney Science Park, to ensure that Celestino can deliver innovation, while providing the Council with certainty in relation to management standards and public access.

Additionally, the deed of variation would see roads dedicated to Council and provide mechanisms that sets out maintenance and public access standards if the developer wishes to manage these roads for innovative solutions.

A copy of Deed of Variation to Planning Agreement, explanatory note, agreement for lease and Council report can be viewed online at

The notification period is from Monday 17 July 2023 to 5:00 pm Friday 11 August 2023.

Please contact Abdul Cheema, City Planning Coordinator, on (02) 4732 8120 or email for enquiries.