Penrith City Council has engaged Lyall and Associates, an independent consultant specialising in flood studies, to prepare the study on our behalf.

The study will help us improve our understanding of flood behaviour, the speed and depth of floodwater, and identify problem areas. The study area includes the suburbs of Cranebrook and North Penrith.

We need your help!

If you live in the areas mentioned, your local knowledge and personal experience will help us identify flooding ‘trouble spots’ and aid in the development of a computer flood model.

We are interested in documenting past experiences of flooding at your property or in your neighbourhood and encourage you to complete our survey and send us any pictures of the previous flooding.

Complete our survey: Survey now closed.

Consultation period: Monday 21 September - Friday 9 October

What is involved in preparing a flood study?
  • Collection and review of all available flood-related information for the area.
  • Development of computer models to simulate the transformation of rainfall into runoff and to determine how that runoff would be distributed across the catchment.
  • Calibration of the computer models to reproduce historic floods.
  • Use of the computer models to simulate a range of hypothetical floods from relatively frequent storms right up to the largest flood that could possibly occur.
  • Preparation of a flood study report and maps summarising the outcomes of all stages of the investigation.

Survey now closed. Thanks for contributing!