Penrith is located in one of the fastest growing regions in Australia and with this growth comes an opportunity to create and renew great places across the city.

Council is currently developing a new strategic framework to provide direction on future growth across the city and create better places for our community to connect, play, learn, work and live.

This framework recognises and responds to the challenges and opportunities facing Penrith, and the need to balance growth with protecting the environment and preserving our cultural heritage.

This new framework consolidates the planning priorities outlined in the Local Strategic Planning Statement to create a place-based vision for the city which is underpinned by several key strategies.

Centres, housing, employment, transport, the natural environment and rural lands are the focus of the strategic framework with priorities and actions for planning, advocacy and investment outlined in each of these key areas.

These strategies reflect the community’s aspirations outlined in the LSPS as well as in recent engagement activities for the Community Strategic Plan and Resilient Penrith Action Plan.