The catchment includes the suburb of Londonderry and sections of Agnes Banks, Castlereagh, Cranebrook, Llandilo and Berkshire Park.

This study will update Council’s existing flood information and help us plan for, predict and manage the risk of flooding across the catchment. To prepare the study, Council has engaged Catchment Simulation Solutions Pty Ltd, an independent consultant specialising in flooding investigations.

If your property is located within the study area and has experienced flooding, we invite you to complete our survey and share your local knowledge and personal experience. By doing so, you will help us to improve our understanding of flood behaviour, identify flooding ‘trouble spots’and aid in the development of a computer flood model.

Complete our survey between Thursday 8 June and Thursday 6 July 2023.

Preparing a flood study

The primary objective of the flood study is to identify the nature and extent of the existing flooding conditions. The preparation of a flood study involves a considerable amount of work including:

  • collection and review of all available flood-related information for the area
  • development of computer models to simulate the transformation of rainfall into runoff and to determine how that runoff would be distributed across the catchment
  • calibration of the computer models to reproduce historic floods
  • use of the computer models to simulate a range of hypothetical floods from relatively frequent storms right up to the largest flood that could possibly occur
  • preparation of a flood study report and maps summarising the outcomes of all stages of the investigation.

Further information:
For further information about this flood study and why it is being prepared, refer to the Information Sheet. Or if you have any questions regarding this study, please contact:

  • Penrith City Council’s Senior Stormwater Engineer, Janahan Jivajirajah, on PH: 4732 7777
  • Catchment Simulation Solutions’ Senior Engineer, Daniel Fedczyna, on PH: 8355 5503.