Council is committed to providing safe and usable spaces at our local off-leash dog parks. St Clair dog park, located on St Clair Avenue in St Clair, is undergoing an upgrade to the existing park to better cater for residents and local dogs.

Construction of the dog park is set to commence mid-April to June 2021 with the park closed during this period of time.

Council would like to thank the community for their input to help us deliver the best result for our dog park users.

The dog park upgrade includes the installation of a new fenced enclosure for larger dogs in addition to upgrading the existing space for small dogs and constructing footpath access from St Clair to enhance accessibility for all users.

This upgrade will include:

the construction of new fencing including an extension of existing fencing and the creation of a “small dog/big dog” off-leash areas

the construction of footpath access from St Clair Avenue

new seating including tables and benches under shelters

new water connection

tree planting to provide shade to users of the dog park.

St Clair dog park’s construction will include a new footpath from St Clair Avenue to the dog park to provide accessibility to all users of the park. In each off-leash area, an accessible path connection from the entrance points will also be constructed to provide transition to an accessible picnic setting.

Access to the dog park during the upgrades

During construction, the dog park will be closed with fencing around the site and unavailable for use. Construction time is approximately 8-10 weeks. Visit Dog Off-Leash Areas for more locations to take your dog to.

What are the benefits of these upgrades?

The new fencing will include an “air lock” style entry to assist with ease of access into the space.

Planting new trees will improve shade opportunities, provide cooling and beautification of the park. Trees will be planted in both the large and small dog park enclosures to provide good shade opportunities for hot afternoons.

Additional seating with backs and armrests will be provided to the large and small dog enclosures to provide a space for owners to sit and observe their dog(s).

What is not possible in the upgrades?


Toilets and BBQ facilities.


How are the works being funded?

Council adopted the Sport and Recreation Strategy in April 2020. This project was identified in the Strategy and funds are made available through the Sport and Recreation Plan Reserve.

Other works of note

A new footpath will also be constructed between Melville Road and Ballarat Avenue to provide better access to the park. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

St Clair dog park feedback form

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