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We are trying to improve how we report on community satisfaction with Council services and facilities.

If you’re getting feedback from people about the services you deliver, it could make a big difference to the way we track customer satisfaction. This could be any type of feedback, from regular user surveys to post event feedback forms or even evaluation of training or workshops.

We currently collect ‘perceptions’ of service importance and satisfaction through the Community Satisfaction Survey. This is high level data that doesn't always help us understand where we're delivering good service or get feedback from the people who use a service the most.

The satisfaction data you’re collecting could:

  • help us review the Community Satisfaction survey to ensure it’s collecting the right data from the right people
  • improve how we report on the activities of your service and how they’re meeting community needs, and
  • help us understand how community needs and expectations of the services we deliver are changing, and how we need to plan to deliver those services in the future.

What’s in it for you?

  • If you’re not tracking satisfaction data, but would like to - we may be able to help!
  • If you’re tracking satisfaction data and need more resources - we may be able to help!
  • Opportunity to inform the Community Satisfaction Survey (so we don’t cut out a question you use, or keep asking a question you don’t use)