Penrith City Council is inviting Llandilo residents to share what they love about the neighbourhood, and how Council and other services can better support their community during tough times, to inform the development of the Love Llandilo Community Plan.

This initiative is part of Council’s Neighbourhood Renewal Program which engages residents in Penrith’s older established suburbs and puts them at the centre of decision making about their community.

The Love Llandilo Community Plan will be developed in consultation with local residents to outline a shared vision for a resilient, connected and thriving Llandilo.

Council’s asking Llandilo residents’ to either:

Online Survey

Complete the short online survey now to let us know what they love about Llandilo and what support they need from Council and other services to build community resilience, feel connected and thrive. The answers will help identify priorities for the area and inform the development of Council’s Love Llandilo Community Plan.

Upcoming community Events

Attend one of the many community events being held in Llandilo throughout April and May. These events are an opportunity for residents to connect with each other, enjoy food and fun activities and contribute their thoughts and ideas for the neighbourhood with Council staff.

  • 6 May Family Fun Afternoon – Wilson Park (3pm- 5pm)

Free Family Event in Wilson Park. Enjoy fun activities, live music and food.

  • 13 May Family Fun Evening – Wilson Park (5pm-7pm)

Free Family Event in Wilson Park. Enjoy fun activities, live music and food.

  • Village Charm Workshops – Wilson Park (Fri/Sat, various times)

Village Charm is a public art and wellbeing project where Llandilo residents will work with artist facilitator, Elizabeth West and each other to create woven works from found/recycled materials. Individual artworks will be installed on residents’ property fences or in their yards and form the Village Charm Art Trail in June 2021.

Friday 9 April - 10am-12pm,

Friday 16 April - 10am-12pm,

Friday 23 April - 6-8pm

Saturday 24 April - 10am-12pm   

Friday 30 April - 6-8pm

Saturday 1 May - 10am-12pm   

Friday 7 May - 6-8pm

Saturday 8 May - 10am-12pm


How well do you know your neighbours? Required
It has been a tricky couple of years in terms of bushfires, the COVID19 pandemic, floods etc. How is your household doing right now?   Required
Which services could you easily access if you needed them?  Required

A bit about you

What makes a community thrive?

Guest Book

Every neighbourhood is different, and each community is unique. What are the things that make Llandilo great? Tell us what you feel makes a community thrive. Thrive definition: to grow or develop successfully: to flourish or succeed.


Community Gifts

Community Gifts

Everyone has things they are good at, interested in, or passionate about. These things often motivate us, and keep us going. When people come together and combine their unique talents, amazing things can happen in a community. So tell us, what
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